I am a... *

The quality of what I expect of my web typography can be described as: *

My professional work ethic means I prioritise and place importance on: *

How would you prefer to create CSS styles for your web type? *

Would you consider using a visual tool to style and live-preview your styles? *

How would you feel about your designer providing you with a stylesheet of type styles at the start of a project?

(Disregard if you are not a developer)

In regards to the accuracy of how my designs get developed:

(Disregard if not relevant to you)

If you could save time checking by spending a small amount of time in the dev process (preparing assets, generating stylesheets) would you? *

(disregard if not designer)

Myself or my agency would pay for such a convenience *

Possible Type Nugget features that I care about: *

What other features or functionality would make you EXCITED to use Type Nugget?

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